Welcome to MrsBud at Home. I hope you enjoy the stories I share about my home and garden (and my feathered friends). I’ll also share new products and books we offer. I invite you to visit our other sites: Your Tasty Kitchen and MrsBudsBooks, and appreciate your comments, feedback and support.


Who is MrsBud?

A dear late friend and boss nicknamed me ‘MrsBud’ in 1986 and it stuck. My license plate has been 4MRSBUD since 1988. We even owned a chain of MrsBud’s Florist shops in the early ’90s.
In 2006, I started MrsBud’s eStores and sold kitchen items online through my own website, Amazon and eBay. Over the years, our product lines have expanded, and
we launched MrsBudsBooks in 2009 — an online bookstore offering hundreds of thousands of books, videos and music.

CB profile shotMy husband Richard and I live in northern Los Angeles County (in the same house since 2004). I love to share the things I do at home, such as baking, sewing and gardening (especially growing plants from seeds and cuttings). I’ve been collecting blue & white china and depression glass since 1973. I’ve always enjoyed decorating with collectibles. Another big hobby I’ve developed is birdwatching. There’s a wreath in the loggia
that serves as a bird condo for wrens. Behind our home is a large Red Tail Hawk’s nest. I’ve been following the same nesting pair since 2005.

I hope visitors to this website will find the information enjoyable and helpful, and welcome your feedback.

— Chris Budman (MrsBud)