In the Garden

Is this (gardening) Heaven? No, it’s Valencia. When we first moved here from Glendale, I didn’t realize how different the climate was. We get up into the 100s in the summer and have had regular freezes and even snow in the winter. But the location in the rolling foothills above the Santa Clarita Valley (northern Los Angeles County) are great for gardening. We are just a  few miles over the hills (as the crow flies) from the fertile foothills of the Santa Clara River Valley in Ventura County. There you’ll find miles of citrus and avocado groves and small crops such as juicy strawberries.

We’ve lived in the same house since 2004. It’s the first time I’ve been able to see the trees I planted grow to maturity. I regret where we planted some, but others have been perfect. I’m also faced with decisions such tearing out a 13-year-old lavender plant that’s past its prime. (I decided to keep the old plant that spans nearly eight feet, a haven for the bees.)

I’ve rediscovered the joys of gardening as I’ve grown older. One of my favorite things is starting new plants from seeds and cuttings. I save seeds from store bought heirloom tomatoes and have success year after year. I also save seeds and take cuttings from flowers and plants in the garden and around the neighborhood. Five years ago I started with a plastic zippered greenhouse. Last year I upgraded to a 6 x 8 foot permanent one. It serves as a potting shed in milder weather. After the growing season the potted plants go in there to protect from the freeze in the winter.

I hope you enjoy my posts and welcome your comments and feedback.