Feathered Friends

Another big hobby I’ve developed since moving here is birdwatching. Behind our home is a large Red Tail Hawk’s nest. I’ve been following the same nesting pair since 2005. They come back like clockwork every December. The first year there was only one chick, but we’ve had as many as three. There’s a wreath in the loggia that serves as a bird condo for wrens with five or six nests. I didn’t take it down soon enough one year and the birds took over. It’s been up ever since. Last year, some pigeons build a penthouse nest and drew lots of funny looks from the smaller birds.

The Red Tail Hawks

We moved into our home in July 2004 and never noticed the large nest atop a towering sycamore tree directly behind us. It wasn’t until the following April that a guest pointed out the nest and said, “You’ll have babies soon.” I was blown away. I had never even noticed the large hawks in the … Continue reading The Red Tail Hawks

Visiting Birds & Critters

We get lots of visitors, some wanted, such as quail, and others not so much (think squirrels and rabbits). The latter pose a challenge in the garden. The squirrels go after the ripe stone fruit in the mini orchard.

The Bird Condo

I left a large Christmas wreath up too long in our loggia one year. Before I know it, wrens had started building nests. I decided to leave it up and have enjoyed the little families.

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